60 layers of cake was founded in 2006 in Amsterdam.
From 2009 till 2011 we had 2 offices, 1 in Amsterdam and 1 in Cape Town. In 2011 the Cape Town office merged with WPP’s the Jupiter Drawing Room. The core team contains out of strategist, creative directors, emerging technologist, business designers and an international pool of very crafted talent and experts.

As the first platform “agency” in Amsterdam, AdAge wanted to know more.

After we launched the concept, we where fully in business from 2007 onwards. Over the years we have collaborated with a few very open minded brands and agencies. Like Puma, Nike, Coca Cola, Glamour Magazine, Heinz (3 brands), Pernod Ricard and many more.

Next to brand communication we also collaborated with creative/advertising agencies, to bring them our “collaborative communication” way of working. For this we worked with BBDO, MullenLowe, TrippleTwo and BPG Bates.

In short we are a platform company as you see many today. Our main benefit is that we where one of the first globally, and as an old AdAge interviews shows, the first to work like this in Amsterdam back in 2007.

We have a global network of “members” with affiliates in Paris, Madrid, Budapest, Dubai, Cape Town, Tokyo, Moscow and Bangkok. Via this platform we offer the best strategist, creative directors, emerging technologist, researches and craftsman. For any type of project.

Collaborating with Instinct/BBDO Moscow.

One of the main benefits of our platform is that the can do global research within a few hours. When we work in a project we can bounce that in our network to see if we truly have this new and unique concept, or if it is already out these. And at the same time connect with possible partners to push things further.

By this we review work in the highest possible international level. Saving time and money, but also giving us the power to push things to a higher level or even a bigger market when relevant.

Want to know more? Please reach out via welcome@60layersofcake.com or call us on +31(0)634013333.